Listening to feedback


Ok, It wasn’t direct feedback, but it helped a lot to improve the overall experience playing it.

After the gameplay made by Fellow Player (Thanks for that), I could see some items that I’ve changed to version 0.2.

Changes made after the gameplay:

What I saw: To activate the vision, he clicked Q quite fast, which reduces just a tiny bit of the health, but he could get the needed hint.

What I changed: For this, I made two changed, 1) Every time the vision is activated, the maximum health is reduced, and 2) The some takes longer to start showing in the vision, which forces the player to keep the Q key pressed more time, consuming more of his/her health.

What I saw: Some of the animations that I made (really bad animation, btw) wasn’t triggered, because he had no need to visit the places where the trigger was.

What I changed: I changed some object places to push the player to increase the odds of it to activate the triggers.

Lesson learned for a commercial game: Playtest the shit out of it! 🙂

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